What we do

Sentum services are divided into 2 core areas that represent the breath of our expertise.

Sentum is committed to help solve some of Africa’s most persistent problems through innovation. Our approach to complex human development challenges is Smart-Targeted-Integrated-Solutions driven. Our diverse team, combined with our proven pillars in finance, management and human resource systems offers us a powerful foundation.


Sentum is committed to helping communities around the world achieve economic prosperity and good health: we focus our efforts on the most vulnerable in society.

Sentum partners with communities who lead the way: we empower communities to build on what they already know to take charge of their own destiny. We work collaboratively with governments, private sector, civil society and faith-based organizations.

Sentum works innovatively to produce solutions to current and future challenges: We are committed to test new ideas that are adaptive to the complex and evolving world we live in.
Sentum works interdisciplinary. Through the interdisciplinary approach, we seek to inform and attain high quality, equitable, and affordable health for all people, regardless of social status in all settings. Sentum Scientific partners with the community members, private sector, civil and government agencies, and different local and international experts and professionals to develop community-led solutions for their health challenges on the areas of maternal and child health, reproductive health, health systems strengthening, prevention of infections and leadership and governance strengthening. We help ensure responsive, accessible health and inform and empower local community members to drive change and development in their communities.

Evidence based approach to every decision. We rely on data in our decision making based on primary and secondary research including from scientific literature and policy documents.

We work toward the goal of sustainability. We take the long term view in any undertaking to ensure it is sustainable. We help develop tailored solutions that are integrated into day to day life of the community as well as nurture strong leadership that is well trained and motivated.