Our service offerings

Sentum services are divided into 2 core areas that represent the breath of our expertise.
  • Development Programs: Primarily represent a mix of grant funding and social entrepreneurship programs
  • International programs (Hyperlink takes you to what we do)
  • US Domestic programs (Hyperlink takes you to US programs)
  • Business and consultancy services (Hyperlink takes you to consulting)Our operational strategy is guided by the quality objectives illustrated below;

Our Capability Statement

We are committed to providing high valued consulting services that assist our clients expand their work and reach. We harness our extensive experience and knowledge around thematic areas for purposes of fostering long – term relationships that will translate into best practices being integrated into programming.
Inspiring quote

“Anybody who has ever struggled to plant his feet onto the floor in the morning knows that life can be hard; it can be stressful; it can be overwhelming. But each of those negative, less than optimal feelings immediately takes a back seat to the inspirational power of hope.”¬†Shawn L. Anderson, A Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over