Sentum Scientific Solutions

Sentum Scientific solutions is the business and consultancy services division of Sentum and is widely recognized for providing its clients with research and solutions that are technically robust, pragmatic, and carefully aligned with the cultural norms of the populations being served. Our clients represent a number of key industries, including government agencies, educational and charitable organizations, private companies and Research organization working both in the US and internationally. Our strategies provide solutions for raging to individuals needing research support, sole proprietorships to organizations with several thousands of employees. We understand the industry and provide our clients with high-quality products and insightful support
In the US, legislation and consumer expectations are spurring rapid changes for the healthcare industry. In turn, these changes have forced organizations to reexamine and modernize their current systems as well as develop new business and technology capabilities. Our consultants have experience helping hundreds of health systems and hospitals address these challenges improving their businesses, level of care, and patient outcomes. We support our clients with policy research and data analysis on Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP, health care financing, strategic workforce planning, health program evaluation, comparative effectiveness research and other important areas of the public health policy arena. We evaluate health reform options using data-driven financial modeling

Our model

Sentum Scientific solutions team has vast experience in a number of specific areas, including alternative funding arrangements, compliance, predictive modeling, health and wellness, human resources, managed care, strategy development and health care reform. Our seasoned professionals have, on average, over 20 years of research and experience, and work with a vertically integrated team that includes the Consultant, dedicated Account Manager and Client Service Representative. In addition, we provide comprehensive communication to you and your employees through meetings, seminars, training and timely legislative updates.
In addition, we work with a network of independent consultants drawn from industry, government, academia, and the health professions to deliver solutions to our clients. Many are international authorities whose strategies for health and human services system improvements come from their personal experience with imperatives for change.

Whether you are looking for program staff, scientists, social scientists or data analysts to compete for a grant we can connect you with the team member you need!

Sentum Scientific solutions technical service offerings are grouped into the following seven categories, which are applied across a wide range of domains in which the Institute has developed deep expertise:

Why choose us

Proven History

Four team of consultants have over 30 years’ combined experience finding answers and solving problems for leading organizations in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors.

Objective Viewpoint

Sentum Scientific solutions is committed to independence and integrity in our work. We combine professional expertise with extensive knowledge and a rigorous approach to analyzing and solving problems to deliver value to each of our clients and to the larger community as well

Real-World Experience

Our strategic and analytical services help clients:
  • Improve policy and expand knowledge of health care and human services systems
  • Enact, run, and evaluate programs to enhance delivery and financing of health care and human services
  • Deal with shifts in health care practice, technology, and regulation
  • Optimize performance, quality, coverage, and health outcomes
  • Create strategies for institutions, communities, governments, and people to make health care and human services systems more effective

Capacity building

Strong community participation is an essential part of any successful project implementation. Grassroots organizations play a fundamental role in defining whether and how a project achieves its objectives.

TSentum Scientific solutions has experience in enabling the capacity of grassroot organizations which face challenges, especially access to adequate funding, effectively recruiting and managing volunteers (including board members), and organizational communications and promotions.
We have unique abilities to transfer knowledge and skills to local organizations and community members through an understanding of cultural attitudes and practices. Our capacity building strategy strengthens services and advocacy on behalf of clients and develops viable partners and coalition members at the local, regional and international levels

We address capacity building in several ways:

  • Development of both standardized and customized training tools suitable for community settings
  • develop curricula and training for researchers in research methodology, project identification, development, and planning.
  • Strengthens the capacity of decision-makers to demand, access, and utilize evidence in the implementation of programmes.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Performance measurement
  • Quantitative and Qualitative data analysis
  • Organizational development using participatory and appreciative approaches that facilitate open exchange and build the buy-in and ownership necessary for successful organizational change
  • Capacity- and skills-building through a combination of training and on-the-job mentoring and coaching to ensure integration of newly acquired skills
  • ICT (information and communications technology) for information management, decision-making, and provider support
  • System strengthening in low-resource and conflict-affected settings

Health Research Services

We provide government ministries, international aid organizations,
nongovernmental agencies and service providers with the information, tools and technical assistance they need to develop evidence-based policies and high-quality interventions. We carry out cutting-edge survey research. Federal agencies, commercial clients, and foundations seek out our recognized leadership and multidisciplinary teams of experts in all aspects of survey science. Our work is anchored in proven methods and best practices in the survey industry, with a strong emphasis on timeliness, efficiency, quality, and technological innovation. Among the services we provide include:

Sentum’s Solutions research expertise includes:

  • Study designs
  • Methods
  • Instrument development
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Epidemiological studies
  • Nutrition studies
  • Mental health studies
  • Health systems research
  • HIV prevention research
  • Reproductive health research
  • Research and evaluation in the United States
  • Research, monitoring and evaluation
  • Research utilization
  • Knowledge transfer

Global Research Support Services

AWe partner as contractors and sub-grantees of a number of international organizations including those who need implementation partners on the ground where we work in Kenya. We work on behalf of government agencies, foundations, NGOs, and other clients to deliver expert technical assistance in support of programs that serve critical social, economic, environmental, and public health needs.
We conduct needs assessments, develop and deliver training, and provide data and tools tailored to the needs of our clients and their programs. Our experts lead all aspects of program design and implementation, with an emphasis on measurable outcomes and impact.
Sentum Scientific solutions has experts with strengths that include non-experimental, quasi-experimental, and experimental designs of studies of practice and service delivery models. We use 2 platforms

Bringing Evidence to Practice

Sentum Scientific solutions works with entrepreneurs, researchers and policymakers to identify and evaluate mechanisms to apply evidence generated through new learning into practice. Sentum Scientific solutions promotes the use of decision-making tools such as protocols for policy development, planning, and implementation as a means to institutionalize the incorporation of evidence into the decision-making process. Sentum Scientific solutions enables shared learning by synthesizing and disseminating knowledge on best practices for the incorporation of evidence as an input to policy making.

Supporting Programmatic Research

Sentum Scientific solutions promotes the development of implementation research and the generation of systematic reviews through provision of funding. Sentum Scientific solutions provides programme managers support in conducting small implementation research projects

Health Research, Policy and Analysis

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Substance abuse
  • Managed care
  • Quality improvement and chronic care improvement programs
  • Prescription drug programs
  • Developing and implementing quality-of-care measures
  • Auditing contractors and programs for regulatory compliance
  • Conducting quasi-experimental design evaluations
  • Supporting local collaboratives
  • Conducting program and process evaluations
  • Conducting cost-benefit analysis
  • Providing technical assistance
  • Developing performance metrics

Business Advisory Services

Sentum Scientific solutions works with interested companies, to improve health for employees through nutrition-sensitive policies. These policies include the promotion of maternity leave and breastfeeding, and targeted interventions such as nutrition education, nutritious foods in kitchens and canteens, and innovative programs using voucher systems and mobile technology to build links to local markets.
Companies increasingly see the value of investment, not only because they have a responsibility to care for their employees, but also because improved nutrition can lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, lower employer-sponsored healthcare costs, and improved employee retention — benefits whose impact spreads to employees, families and the broader communities.

Health Innovation and Technical Assistance

We provide deep clinical and technical expertise to help our customers meet regulatory requirements, optimize technology for their clinical workflows, improve collections and reduce receivables, and keep data safe. Sentum Scientific solutions provides consulting services to clients using the deep clinical and technical expertise to support our customers in selecting, implementing, and optimizing their information technology investments. With a range of professional and technology services for all major electronic health record systems, we help healthcare providers address nearly every challenge.
Healthcare is facing unprecedented change due to organizational challenges, environmental influences, and industry drivers. Leidos Health works with hospitals and healthcare systems to help deliver better value for patients, spur innovation, and reduce operational costs and complexity. Our clinical, operational, and technology consultants, bring diverse and deep experience to every health IT project

Monitoring and evaluation services

WSentum Scientific solutions offers our clients programme design, monitoring and evaluation solutions encompassing complete programme cycles. We help our clients improve the effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of their services, while providing accountability and insight. Our team has developed innovative methods to gain unprecedented access in sensitive and remote areas, gathering high quality data through tested and cultural-sensitive approaches.
We help our clients reduce financial waste by providing feedback rapidly and continuously to enable them make incorporate changes that will improve efficiency. We build on the success of our past work.
Sentum Scientific solutions helps clients integrate the programme design (or redesign) phase into the monitoring and evaluation cycle. Whilst monitoring is intended to provide decision-makers with continuous information about a programme’s status and development in relation to its goals and objectives, evaluations are reviews focused on understanding links of causality between project activities and observed changes. A continual design-evaluate-redesign loop is essential to effective programming, as environments change frequently and often dramatically, and donors adapt their resources and objectives to an ever-changing context.
Sentum solutions technical approach to designing, developing and implementing the monitoring and evaluation strategy is guided by its objective of collecting data that yields statistically reliable and valid results using the mixed methods approach. To that end, Sentum Scientific solutions will address critical components of survey methodology, including question formulation, subject privacy and confidentiality, subject solicitation, and pilot testing. In designing the monitoring and evaluation design, Sentum Scientific solutions will follow design guidelines, best practices and lessons learned that it has compiled through its review of current literature on evaluation design for entertainment –education and its previous experiences in evaluation design for entertainment –education.
Our expert staff and consultants can help organizations in development and execution of monitoring and evaluation tools that may include:
  • Performance indicators
  • The logical framework (logframe) approach
  • Theory-based evaluation
  • Formal surveys
  • Rapid appraisal methods
  • Participatory methods
  • Public expenditure tracking surveys
  • Impact evaluation
  • Cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis

Program Management

Our clients rely on us to bring local knowledge, unparalleled technical expertise, and an impact-focused precision to bear on their most complex projects with teams on the ground. We manage large-scale, global social and economic change initiatives, and delivering on-time and on-budget in any context is a given. Every program we take on is offered flawlessly while safeguarding those we serve.

Impact Investment

Making the world a better place requires resources, and traditional funding models – such as foreign aid, philanthropy, and CSR – each have their limitations. Some are too short-term, while others are too narrowly focused. But the need for funding is real, and the capital exists. Sentum mobilizes private capital to address social issues while generating a financial return for investors.

Supply Chain Management

Sometimes it can be not easy to reach those who need our help most. Post-disaster, post-conflict, and remote locations can be particularly challenging. Still, we’ve consistently helped governments, NGOs, and businesses reach people and markets in seemingly impossible environments for the past years.