Non-communicable diseases

We address health issues, especially on areas of significant public health importance. Our team of researchers works across disciplines to offer evidence-based solutions to intricate health issues. We make use of innovation and unique people-centered methodologies to develop new solutions and improve practices.

Our research work informs local and international practices and policies, improving the health system’s different pillars. Private sector players also benefit from our research, utilizing our experts’ skills and outputs to inform their practices.

Under the agriculture pillar, we deal with the following aspects;

What We Do

  • Sentum scientific focuses on understanding the risk factors of NCDs including lifestyle, tobacco and alcohol use, unhealthy diets and exposure to carcinogenic substances. We aim to tilt the balance towards less NCD burden in developing countries.
  • We understand that early diagnosis is vital in reducing the mortality associated with NCDs. We work closely with other stakeholders to bring NCD diagnosis and care services close to the people.
  • We also support NCD prevention awareness creation to increase uptake of early diagnosis and management.
  • We also evaluate new NCD care technologies and intervention to assess their viability and impact to inform policy decisions.
  • We develop, test and help introduce into the market new technologies and interventions for NCDs in collaboration with private companies.
  • Sentum Scientific evaluates, implements and provides technical assistance to programs and advises on policies globally to help communities and individuals detect, manage, and prevent these conditions.