Climate change

Climate change is currently an issue of international concern that affects people’s wellbeing globally. Agriculture and health are the sectors that are greatly affected. Small scale farmers are disproportionately affected by climate change hence the need for measures to cushion them. With people relying heavily on agriculture for their food, climate change significantly contribute to food insecurity hence the need for diversification and smart agricultural practices.

Recognizing climate change as one of the global challenges of our time, we work directly with communities and other partners to address climate change through mitigation, adaptation and resilience development measures.

By assisting smallholder farmers in adapting to impending climate threats proactively, Sentum Scientific helps stave off and mitigate an increase in food insecurity.

What We Do

  • To improve nutritional outcomes, we use an integrated approach that addresses the many pathways that lead to undernutrition. We need multi-sectoral approaches that incorporate local nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions as well as social and behavior change.
  • Our objective is to enhance cognitive and physical development of children by reducing malnutrition and advancing dietary diversity in the first 1,000 days.
  • We work with farmers, food processors, healthcare providers, and policymakers — across agriculture and food security, water, sanitation, and hygiene, gender, and global health — to implement a diverse range of interventions that form our holistic and resilient model.