Domestic violence

Sentum is dedicated to breaking the cycle of gender based violence and building a community free of abuse. Through our 24-hour helpline, counseling, and legal assistance, we provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals and families in crisis, while educating communities as part of the movement to end domestic violence. 

Teen dating violence prevention

We believe it’s important to talk to young people at an early age about what makes a healthy relationship and what are the signs of harm or abuse. We put these principles into practice through our No Sugar for me App, a comprehensive teen dating violence prevention program  that serves thousands of young people. We deliver our programs through schools and engage youth to examine issues including empathy, consent, boundaries, and conflict resolution in all kinds of relationships, as well as how to make positive differences in their communities. Between Friends educators also make sure teens know how to access information and services.Adults have a great deal to learn from young people too The program organizes prevention and education workshops for parents, educators, health care providers, and other adult allies who work with teens.