Mission and Vision

Our mission

Improving the health and living conditions of the vulnerable through advancement of through innovation and cutting edge research.

Our vision

A global community where everyone is physically and financially healthy and food secure

Our purpose

Sustainable development requires an integration of economic growth, social development catalyzed by continuous research.
We tailor our approach as per each project’s needs, resulting in meaningful outcomes and impact. Our work is grounded in the use of research to inform policies and practices, and we strive to produce high impact research in a timely and cost-efficient manner for the good of all people.
Our separate consultancy operations offer services to commercial clients from different industries globally. We have offices in Washington DC, USA, Toronto Canada and Nairobi, Kenya.
Our dedication to providing solutions through research, innovations makes Sentum Scientific a renowned partner for clients and organizations globally who need community lead and rigorous processes based on scientific facts. Our values and dedication make Sentum Scientific an excellent working partner for organizations and individuals who believe in our mission and values

We believe and hold ourselves accountable to the following

i) Equity

We envision a just and fair world where everyone can enjoy good quality life including affordable healthcare

ii) Integrity

We hold ourself true to our word and strive adhere to the highest professional code of ethics

iii) Quality

We push ourselves to produce quality work and always aim to surpass our clients’ expectations. We always aim to leave a lasting impact on the communities we work with.

iv) Partnerships

At the heart of our work is the spirit of interdisciplinary partnerships, especially with the communities we work with. We work with them in putting an idea into reality

vi) Innovation

We are constantly innovating to meeting current and emerging challenges. We use human-centred approaches to develop tools that assist in solving complex problems

Core Values

Service and Accountability: We ensure that we take charge of our actions and evaluate the outcome.
Quality: We strive towards producing the best grade of flour with an outstanding appeal.
Personalized Attention: We work towards ensuring that our client has received our products at the shortest time possible and deliver in compliance with their specific demand requirements.
Feedback for Continuous Improvement: We provide room for our clients to forward their views based on the experiences they have had with our products and how to add more beneficial value.
Environmental Responsibility: We carry out our work with regard to environmental safety by ensuring no pollution emanates from our activities.